Newsflash! Join us for the MS Nurse PRO Annual Gathering

MS Nurse PRO is thrilled to be hosting its Annual MS Nursing Community Gathering on the 29th of April 2022!

The focus of this year’s event will be ‘Disease Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis in 2022’ introduced by our keynote speaker Piet Eelen, Clinical Nurse Specialist Multiple Sclerosis working in the National Multiple Sclerosis Center (NMSC) of Melsbroek, Belgium. In recent years, many new Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) have been approved by the European Medicine Agency (EMA). In his talk, Piet will provide an overview of the current DMTs with a specific focus on the implications for nurse practices.

The Gathering will also give you the opportunity to exchange best practices and connect with nurses from your own country, during its interactive session.

The event will be simultaneously translated from English to Dutch, German, Romanian and Spanish!

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